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Barbara Berney

Barbara Berney

Romeoville, Illinois


I have been some sort of artist since I could wield a crayon as a precocious tyke. After 37 years as an art director and graphic designer, I retired to spend more time on my own art. I fell in love with digital art in 2006 when I had the first of three thumb joint replacement surgeries. With my hand in a cast, I was no longer able to make jewelry, but the urge for creative expression was overpowering. I discovered that I could push the mouse around without much pain and digital collage emerged.

I create art because doing so infuses my spirit with a powerful, elemental connection to the universe. Each piece is an intimate expression of my own vitality, of the thrill of living every day. Each work of art offers an exploration of endless possibilities, encompassing the depth of my intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual experience.

My images employ a technique that layers a wide variety of elements�colors, textures, light effects and photographic and other images�to achieve some pretty funky, fun, and often very unexpected results. Each image is one of a kind, some taking just hours, others taking days to complete. There may be as many as a hundred layers in one finished work, though most contain between 20 and 50.

Digital art is an emerging form of creative expression, a marriage of technology and traditional art forms. As a tool, the computer allows me to push the limits of my creative nature, to fine tune my composition and to achieve a harmonious balance of texture, color and luminosity that lifts the spirit and inspires a sense of wonder.

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